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10 Things to Consider Before Selling

Assess your personal financial situation, and what it will look like after a sale. Discuss purifying your P.C. with your accountant. Get an independent valuation

Buying a Practice ABC’s

Find an experienced dental accountant, who has a number of dentists in his portfolio as clients, to assist in assessing the value of the practice.

Understanding Practice Valuations

There comes a time in most dentist’s lives when they need to or should understand practice valuations whether they are selling a practice, buying a

The Chart Sale

At times, dentists looking to sell their practices may opt to sell only the practice charts. The rationale for this decision may stem from the

One Year Later

One year later. Where are practice values and why? It was like a bad dream. One year ago, our world changed forever. The pandemic raged

Dealing with Unsolicited Offers

Over the past several years, there has been a significant trend where buyers proactively make unsolicited offers to purchase dental practices. In most cases, these

Covid-19 Practice Sales Update

I know we have all had enough of Covid-19. I promise not to speculate on the future (nobody knows anyway) or get stuck talking about

Partnership Pitfalls

Dentistry is a very challenging profession. Not only do you have to be an excellent clinician, you have to be a part-time psychologist, a savvy

Smaller Practice Realities

As the Baby Boomers wish to sell their practices, some say that there will be only a limited demand and as such your practice will

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