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Small Practice Economics

In the Canadian dental practice market, it is a fact that purchasers are looking to acquire large practices. In fact, the demand for dental practices

The Market is Very Efficient

Making the decision to sell a dental practice is a big deal. Most dentists enter into this decision after seeking out information and being guided

Hygiene as a Value Driver

Many practices claim to be focused on hygiene, but few execute very well on this mission. This article will focus on the ongoing reasons to

The Value of a Good Team

There are many value drivers that contribute to the sale price of a dental practice. There is an uber focus on gross revenue as the

Is it Time to Move?

Recently we have been consulting with a couple of clients that have been faced with the decision of moving their practice late in their careers.

Staging A Dental Practice

In the real estate market, staging has become a huge part of the successful sale process. Staging is the act of preparing a space for

The High Cost of Dying

I know it is a morbid subject and I have avoided writing about it for many years, however some of this stuff needs to be


One of our main objectives as Dental Practice Brokers is to ensure that transactions close. Unfortunately there are circumstances that arise that can cause a

Patients – Attract and Retain

This is the 75th edition of The Professional Advisory. To mark that milestone, I would like to review a major shift in the dental market

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

The 80’s rock group The Clash made the saying “Should I stay or should I go” famous with the release of the song with that

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