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How Well Do You Know Your Practice?

In today’s competitive environment, the business of dentistry is inextricably woven in with the clinical aspect of dentistry. For many dentists, this development is juxtaposed

What are Associates Thinking?

If you have a great associate consider yourself lucky but be very aware that things are not always as they seem. The associate role in

There is Life Outside the GTA

The dental practice sales market has been extremely robust for the last several years. There is more demand than supply which has put upward pressure

Mergers are a Viable Option

There are many options to consider when contemplating the most effective way to transition out of your practice. The dictionary describes merger as the joining

The 100 per cent of Gross Myth

Many practices sell for 100 per cent of the last year’s gross revenue. That is an undeniable fact but it does not mean that all

The Past, The Present and The Future

This issue of The Professional Advisory marks our 10th anniversary. All of the contributors have agreed that this is an opportune time to take a

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