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Mike Suffield has over 30 years of experience in the dental industry and an MBA in Finance, while Heather Chisholm adds to the team with her 40 years of experience in dentistry, including owning and operating her own practices. Mike’s financial expertise complements Heather’s clinical and management insights, allowing them to go beyond traditional valuation metrics. Their collaborative approach is key to identifying hidden opportunities and translating them into potential future profitability, ultimately maximizing the sale appeal and value of your Dental Practice. We are committed to leveraging our unique blend of expertise to help you realize the full potential of your dental practice.
Our Expert Team in British Columbia

Who will be working on your behalf in British Columbia?​

Mike Suffield BSc., MBA - Associate Broker, Personal Real Estate Corporation

Mike, with a career of over 30 years, is a recognized expert in the field of dental practice valuations and brokerage. He has a Bachelor of Science from McGill University and an MBA in Finance from the Schulich School of Business. His education and vast experience give him a strong understanding of dental practices.

Mike’s professional life is marked by a commitment to integrity and professionalism, helping him build lasting relationships with dentists, advisors, and stakeholders. His focus is on providing dentists with comprehensive valuations and helping them to select the right purchasers for their practices.

Outside of his professional sphere, Mike is a devoted father of four and an enthusiastic sports lover, with interests in tennis, kiteboarding, beach tennis, hockey, and golf. Additionally, he has a passion for traveling, which adds to his dynamic character and underscores his commitment to a balanced and enriching lifestyle.

In essence, Mike Suffield is deeply committed to guiding dentists through the pivotal stages of practice valuation and sale, ensuring that their life’s work is accurately valued and transitioned with ease.

Dr. Heather Chisholm BSc., DMD - Licensed Real Estate Agent

With over 40 years of experience in dentistry, Dr. Heather Chisholm began her career as a dental assistant and quickly moved on to dentistry. Her journey encompasses diverse practice environments, from corporate dentistry to solo practice, cost-share setups, and associateships in both Urban Vancouver and Vancouver Island.

Beyond her clinical expertise, Dr. Chisholm has established herself as a key figure in dental education, teaching dental hygiene and serving as a Key Opinion Leader (KOL) for advanced Cad/Cam equipment.

Drawing from her extensive experience in buying and selling her own practices, Dr. Chisholm understands the unique needs of fellow dentists, providing valuable insights into practice valuations and sales.

Outside the dental realm, Dr. Chisholm is a dedicated parent to four children,
expressing her artistic side as a sculptor, and showcasing her strength as a weightlifter.
Her multifaceted interests mirror her commitment to a well-rounded and fulfilling life, both professionally and personally.

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