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The PPS team has been very successful selling Dental Practices since 1991. We have a strong reputation and as a seller, you can be certain that our valuation is respected and supported by buyers, banks and accountants.

We understand your Dental Practice is one of your most valuable assets. The PPS team are trusted advisors helping to relieve stress and to maximize your success. Please reach out today if you’re considering selling now or in the future, we can help plan your exit strategy.

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Why You Should Sell Your Dental Practice through PPS?

The PPS team is laser focused helping to find the right buyer that fits your practice and create a win-win result. We also create tailored marketing plans to ensure sellers get significant exposure and maximum value creating win-win results.

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Sell with PPS

All We Do is Sell Dental Practices. We Can Help.

It makes sense to surround yourself with experts when you are making big life decicions. We have the experience to ensure the sale of your dental practice is handled efficiently, professionally and profitably.

Expert Advice

The PPS team has sold hundreds of Dental Practices, dealt with almost every situation imaginable, have relationships with top dental bankers, lawyers, accountants and are your trusted advisor sharing expert advice helping to sell one of your most important assets.

Vast Network of Buyers

PPS has an extensive and ever growing list of registered buyers looking for that right fit, right practice. We will market your practice to our extensive list of Buyers as well as though our network of Trusted Advisors, Trade Publications, and more to ensure we find the right fit.

Trusted Valuations

Selling a Dental Practice always start with a valuation as most financial institutions need assurance that a qualified appraiser has valued the practice in order to lend funds. Banks have relied on PPS’ comprehensive approach to Dental Practice Valuations for over 30 years.

"There was never any question who I would trust to value and sell my practice - Dave and PPS are absolutely the ones to go to. I received strong guidance and multiple great offers. PPS helped me navigate all the complexities of the sale and the outcome far exceeded my expectations."
Dr Jeff Weaver
Dave & Jeff Weaver

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When a customer signs on with PPS they’re dealing with a team that brings 100+ yrs of Dental Experience. We take care of the entire process and the dentist has peace of mind. Contact us today to hear how we can help you.

Colin Ross valuing a Dental Practice for Sale
David Lind valuing a Dental Practice for Sale
Colin Ross valuing a Dental Practice for Sale
PPS presenting a Dental Practice Valuation - Dave, Colin & Gerry

100% Confidential Sale

PPS understands our client’s need to keep the sale of their Dental Practice strictly confidential (from staff, patients, others). Every potential buyer has signed an NDA with PPS before receiving any details so you can have confidence that the sale of your practice will only be shared when it is safe to do so.

What some of our clients say

The Outcome Of a Sale Will Far Exceeded Your Expectations. We Promise.


David has been most professional and supportive during the challenging period of time represented by the selling of my practice. His calm, optimism and guidance have helped me finalize and successfully complete all the steps in the process. I highly recommend his services!

Dr. Melina Motoc

David Lind & Gerry Crandles
Lynn Lind working on a Dental Practice for Sale
Christina Raheja - PPS Team

Smart, Hard Working Team

We’ve all heard the adage that everyone prefers to work with people they like. The feedback we receive is that people genuinely like working with PPS. We’ve been told that we’re hard working, trust worthy, honest, professional and that we create win:win agreements. Please reach out anytime we can be of service.

Dr. Cole
"After owning my practice for over 35 years, when the decision to begin my transition came, I chose David Lind and PPS. After much research and consideration of other brokers, I decided that his experience, and professional, yet personable approach, would lead to the best outcome for me, both professionally and financially. This resulted in a smoother transition than I could ever have imagined. I have no hesitation in strongly recommending David and his team at PPS."
Dr. Brian Cole

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BC: 1-604-913-7717

When a customer signs on with PPS, they’re dealing with a team that brings 100+ years of Dental Experience. We take care of the entire process and the dentist has peace of mind. Contact us today to hear how we can help you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find answers to some of the questions we get asked the most. Reach out anytime with other questions.

The typical time frame from acceptance of an LOI to closing is 60-120 days.

Start with a practice valuation up to 5 years before you’re ready to sell so that you can implement any necessary changes over time.

You will let us know the ideal scenario for you and we will work with the potential buyers to achieve this.

It depends on multiple factors such as size, location and scope of the involvement. Please contact your PPS broker to discuss.

Full exposure to the market establishes the value based on the key fundamentals of a practice which include patients, profits and location among other things.

There are legal, accounting, and lease assignment fees. It varies based on the complexity of the transaction. 

We will never ask you to show the practice to potential buyers.

We may ask you to meet with us ,and buyers that have submitted a LOI, so you can decide who you feel is the best fit for your practice.

Seller Resources

Helpful Resources for Those Looking to Sell a Dental Practice

Comment les valeurs de la clinique dentaire peuvent-elles augmenter et diminuer?

Au cours des dernières années, les valeurs globales de la pratique dentaire ont atteint des niveaux significatifs. Il y a plusieurs raisons à cette augmentation de valeur, mais elle a été principalement alimentée par une demande accrue de nouveaux dentistes entrant sur le marché canadien, combinée à un accès sans précédent au capital de nombreuses institutions bancaires canadiennes.

Pourquoi faire une évaluation de la pratique ? Je ne vends pas

Nous obtenons cette réponse de nombreux dentistes lorsqu’ils discutent de leur pratique et de leurs projets futurs. Bien qu’il soit un fait que vous n’avez pas besoin d’une évaluation jusqu’à ce que vous vendiez, il existe de nombreuses raisons pour lesquelles une évaluation de pratique régulièrement mise à jour peut s’avérer être un élément précieux de votre planification d’entreprise à long terme. De plus, cela peut aider à rendre votre cabinet plus précieux lorsque vous décidez de vendre un cabinet.

10 Things to Consider Before Selling

Assess your personal financial situation, and what it will look like after a sale. Discuss purifying your P.C. with your accountant. Get an independent valuation and consult with your trusted advisors on all of your options. Develop your working plan for a sale. Will you retire or associate in the practice? Would you like a partner? What’s your time frame?

What To Expect When Selling Your Practice

Selling your dental practice may be one of the most important decisions of your life. Not only is the sale a significant financial transaction, but it is also a highly emotional decision. Depending on your preparation, the process can be an emotional rollercoaster and can affect the total value of your practice and possibly, the outcome of your sale.

The Chart Sale

At times, dentists looking to sell their practices may opt to sell only the practice charts. The rationale for this decision may stem from the following circumstances.

Dealing with Unsolicited Offers

Over the past several years, there has been a significant trend where buyers proactively make unsolicited offers to purchase dental practices. In most cases, these buyers are targeting larger practices and/or may include an owner who is willing to continue working. In almost every practice we sell, the dentist tells us about numerous purchasers who have expressed interest in purchasing his/her practice.

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