10 Things to Consider Before Selling

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  1. Assess your personal financial situation, and what it will look like after a sale. Discuss purifying your P.C. with your accountant.
  2. Get an independent valuation and consult with your trusted advisors on all of your options.
  3. Develop your working plan for a sale. Will you retire or associate in the practice? Would you like a partner? What’s your time frame?
  4. Review what kind of buyer and/or partner you’re looking for.
  5. Work hard. Purchasers like to see offices that are growing and producing.
  6. Review your premises lease. It should have 10 years or more, including options.
  7. Review office policies and procedures, accounting and infection control to be in line with college standards.
  8. Review equipment and premises for opportunities to freshen up.
  9. Review production to optimize all areas of dentistry (improve recalls, etc.).
  10. Review staff situation and employment obligations.
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