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Dave Lind
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La valeur d’une bonne équipe

De nombreux facteurs de valeur contribuent au prix de vente d’un cabinet dentaire. L’accent est mis sur les revenus bruts en tant que principal moteur de valeur. Les lecteurs réguliers de The Professional Advisory se souviendront que le revenu brut, bien qu’important, n’est certainement pas un bon indicateur de la valeur d’un cabinet, en particulier lorsqu’il est pris isolément. L’un des moteurs de valeur les moins discutés, mais très important, est la valeur d’une bonne équipe.

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10 Things to Consider Before Selling

Assess your personal financial situation, and what it will look like after a sale. Discuss purifying your P.C. with your accountant. Get an independent valuation and consult with your trusted advisors on all of your options. Develop your working plan for a sale. Will you retire or associate in the practice? Would you like a partner? What’s your time frame?

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Covid-19 Practice Sales Update

I know we have all had enough of Covid-19. I promise not to speculate on the future (nobody knows anyway) or get stuck talking about the number of cases, Canada vs. the U.S., or anything else “generic” about this horrible pandemic. I will, however, take the chance that you are interested in real-life stories about what is happening in the market for what is likely one of your most valuable assets.

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Partnership Pitfalls

Dentistry is a very challenging profession. Not only do you have to be an excellent clinician, you have to be a part-time psychologist, a savvy marketer, be knowledgeable in human resources, and understand how to run a business.

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Smaller Practice Realities

As the Baby Boomers wish to sell their practices, some say that there will be only a limited demand and as such your practice will lose a lot of its value. I do not believe this is true. By taking certain precautions, you can ensure that your practice will sell for what it is currently worth or more.

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The Market is Very Efficient

Making the decision to sell a dental practice is a big deal. Most dentists enter into this decision after seeking out information and being guided by reputable professionals. It should be a long and well-planned out process that can take from 1 to 5 years to execute.

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Hygiene as a Value Driver

Many practices claim to be focused on hygiene, but few execute very well on this mission. This article will focus on the ongoing reasons to consider a renewed focus on hygiene and on the value creation this focus will have when you sell.

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