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PPS has brokered the sale / purchase of hundreds of dental practices. We are retained by the Seller but will assist the buyer to help you select a practice that meets your price, size and location requirements. Please reach out to discuss a current listing or to subscribe to our New Listing Service.

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Why You Should Buy a Dental Practice through PPS?

PPS has vast experience selling professional practices and offer all buyers honesty, integrity and best in class service. We strive to achieve win-win transactions.

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PPS Dental Brokerage provides
significant value to purchasers

PPS Valuations are fair, equitable and approved by all major lending institutions actively lending to Dentists. We work closely and have close contacts with lawyers, accountants and within financial institutions.

Vast Selling Experience

PPS has brokered the sale of 100’s of Dental Practices. We also prepare the Agreement of Purchase & Sale for all asset transactions complementary to buyers.

Relationships: Financing

The PPS team of experts can advise and assist with connections in obtaining financing.

Honesty & Integrity

We are licensed real estate & business brokers, and are required to give details that are complete, accurate and have a duty to be fair. We always offer exceptional service.

"David, congratulations to you and your team. I truly appreciate your skill and integrity in this transaction. You stood behind this sale and never gave up when I felt all was lost and for that my family and I are grateful. If you want my name on a referral list or testimonial, you’ve got it.”
Dr Carey Sesto
Dr Sesto

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When a customer signs on with PPS they’re dealing with a team that brings 100+ yrs of Dental Experience. We take care of the entire process and the dentist has peace of mind. Contact us today to hear how we can help you.

Lynn Lind working on a Dental Practice for Sale
Gerry Crandles valuing a Dental Practice for Sale
Dave Ross reviewing equipment at a dental office
Colin Ross valuing a Dental Practice for Sale

The "Architects" of Win-Win Deals

PPS believes that the buying and selling of dental practices should be structured as a win-win transaction. We listen carefully to the objectives of our seller clients and do our best to find a buyer that will meet or exceed those objectives. We treat both sides in the transaction with respect and act as a liason with the accountants, lawyers and bankers on both sides. We stay in the middle to ensure there is no acrimony between sides after closing.

This approach has led to many of our current sellers being previous buyers of our practices.

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I will highly recommend PPS to my friends and colleagues


I will highly recommend PPS to my friends and colleagues if they want to buy or sell a dental practice, as they are very professional and ready to give any answer immediately. This is my first practice purchased through PPS and the seller and I are both happy with this transaction. Colin Ross is very professional and really helpful and these people try to make the transaction as smooth as possible, always.

Dr. Vaddey

Dr. Rondinelli Headshot
"I started working with Gerry Crandles and Professional Practice Sales when Gerry first became a partner in the company. He is hard working, always available to talk or meet, and PPS is my absolute go-to team whenever I need to get a valuation done. They are honest, thorough, and efficient. I trust them whole heartedly in valuing or selling my dental offices."
Mike Rondinelli

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BC: 1-604-913-7717

When a customer signs on with PPS, they’re dealing with a team that brings 100+ years of Dental Experience. We take care of the entire process and the dentist has peace of mind. Contact us today to hear how we can help you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find answers to some of the questions we get asked the most. Reach out anytime with other questions.

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Establish your “need to have” and “nice to have” and be realistic about that. 

When it’s right you will know and there will be a philosophical alignment between you and the seller.

Most of our listings go public unless they are unique situations.

Our client is the seller. We are also required to provide a duty of care to buyers. We recommend you retain a knowledgeable lawyer and accountant to assist you in the purchase.

We do not have access to every listing in the market so we don’t expect you to sign an exclusivity agreement with us.

Buyer Resources

Helpful Resources for Those Looking to Buy a Practice

Comment les valeurs de la clinique dentaire peuvent-elles augmenter et diminuer?

Au cours des dernières années, les valeurs globales de la pratique dentaire ont atteint des niveaux significatifs. Il y a plusieurs raisons à cette augmentation de valeur, mais elle a été principalement alimentée par une demande accrue de nouveaux dentistes entrant sur le marché canadien, combinée à un accès sans précédent au capital de nombreuses institutions bancaires canadiennes.

Buying a Practice ABC’s

Find an experienced dental accountant, who has a number of dentists in his portfolio as clients, to assist in assessing the value of the practice.

Small Practice Economics

In the Canadian dental practice market, it is a fact that purchasers are looking to acquire large practices. In fact, the demand for dental practices is almost directly proportional to its size – the bigger, the better.

How Can Dental Practice Values be Rising and Declining?

Over the past several years, overall dental practice values have been rising to significant levels. There are many reasons for this increase in value, but it has primarily been fueled by increased demand from new dentists entering the Canadian marketplace, combined with unprecedented access to capital from many Canadian banking institutions.

Is There a Buyer for Every Practice?

Many practices are not saleable in their present state. Due to the high level of competition in the dental market, buyers are looking for practices that are either: 1) Very well established and have enough critical mass so as not to depend on the location to produce new patient flow, or 2) Are in locations that have proven track record (or clear potential) of attracting and retaining a significant number of new patients.


One of the biggest concerns expressed by both our buyers and sellers during the time they are considering buying or selling a practice is “what will happen to the patients?”

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