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Caveat Emptor

We have been engaged by several buyers recently to provide a valuation for a target practice they were considering acquiring. That by itself is not

Overpaid Long Term Staff

Following up from my last article, A Potential Pitfall of Selling Shares in Professional Advisory #46, there are other situations that can be very detrimental

Selling your Practice in Stages

Over the last few months many of our clients have pondered the idea of whether they should sell their practice in stages or all at

A Potential Pitfall of Selling Shares

We are often approached by dentists who have decided to sell their practice – now. They figure their affairs are in order as they incorporated

Only Trusted Staff Can Defraud You

I talk to many dentists and I am surprised at the number of dentists that have been defrauded by their staff. There are many ways

Coping With A Large Patient Base

When a dentist has a large patient base, it can be very logical to hire an associate or a restorative hygienist to increase productivity to

Successful Dental Practice Transitions

Over the last several months I have been speaking at various Study Clubs and Dental Societies on the topic of Successful Dental Practice Transitions. This

Taking Care of Business

I am fortunate to have David Lind here to service our clients while Val and I went for a cruise in the Orient. Beijing for

The Investing Dentist Phenomenon

Over the last several years many of our practice sales have been to Investing Dentists. This trend is growing and with the recent decline in

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